January: The Process and Nature of Science February: Evolution March: Physics and Technology April: Energy Resources May: Sustainability and the Environment June: Ocean and Water July: Astronomy August: Weather and Climate September: Biodiversity and Conservation October: Geosciences and Planet Earth November: Chemistry December: Science and Health Year of Science 2009 home page
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Year in Review

Year of Science 2009 was the grassroots celebration of "How We Know What We Know" through an exploration of what science is, who scientists are, and why science matters. Explore the links below to grasp the enormity of what was accomplished during these 12 months!



Science and Health

Photo taken by sunsurfr, Creative Commons
The Year of Science 2009 -
a National Celebration of Science

The Year of Science 2009 (YoS09) was a national, year-long, grassroots celebration of science shining the spotlight on "How We Know What We Know." Activities and events were led by a wide variety of scientific organizations under the umbrella of the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS). The organizations united in response to growing concerns about public perception of and engagement with science and from reports of the National Science Board that "most Americans do not understand the scientific process."

The scientific community was excited to have the opportunity to increase promotion and engagement of their activities that support public understanding of how science works, who scientists are, and why science matters. The 12-month event was organized along the following scientific themes:

  • January - The Process and Nature of Science
  • February - Evolution
  • March - Physics and Technology
  • April - Energy Resources
  • May - Sustainability and the Environment
  • June - Ocean and Water
  • July - Astronomy
  • August - Weather and Climate
  • September - Biodiversity and Conservation
  • October - Geosciences and Planet Earth
  • November - Chemistry
  • December - Science and Health