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Happy Birthday Darwin!

     Happy Birthday      Charles Darwin


2009 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Send your birthday wishes by clicking here.

Image Credit: Colin Purrington, Creative Commons



Jigsaw Puzzle

In a challenging mood? CLICK HERE to do the Charles Darwin jigsaw puzzle! Ready, set, solve!

Visit the Fun Zone

Are you in the mood for some fun games!

lp_bodies_thm.jpg Skeleton jigsaws - Click and drag skeletal finds to reconstruct a skeleton - 4 levels of difficulty.

Fakes and mistakes - Take a photo quiz to spot prehistoric fakes and mistakes among legitimate finds!

sept08_puzzle.gif Jeopardy!-style game on evolution. Don't forget to give your answers in the form of a question!

"Do You Want to be an Evolutionary Biologist?" trivia game you can use to learn more about evolution.

bigbinos.jpg Primate Bipedalism - Begin with a box of bones and build a human and chimp skeleton!

Try the Eagle Eyes Picture Game - Test your skills of observations by finding the odd one out!

Bird jigsaw puzzles - How quickly can you put the birds back together?

Image from ntr23, Creative Commons.

YoS contest this month

What better way to celebrate the Year of Science 2009 than with a scientific pizza!

What's that you ask? Well, it is what you make it and that's the challenge!

pizza3.gif 1. Create a Scientific Pizza - whatever that looks like to you! You may even want to match this month's theme of evolution!

2. Submit a drawing or photo of your pizza by visiting the "Pizza Parlor" at the My YoS Web site - extra points for pictures of you eating it!

It is that simple! The pizza may be delicious AND you will be eligible for a prize!

Photo credit: Flickr: such sweet hands

Science in art, comedy, and life!

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American Institute of Biological SciencesScience ComedianDarwin Day Celebration The Clergy Letter Project

Flat Stanley ProjectNational Center for Science EducationNESCent: National Evolutionary Synthesis CenterThe Northwest School
RAFTUniversity of California Museum of PaleontologyThe Sloan Career Cornerstone CenterUnderstanding Evolution
Scientific American American Society of Human Genetics

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