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Happy Birthday, Mr. Darwin - and Thank you!
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February 12, 1809 to April 19, 1882

This will certainly be a grand birthday party! From classrooms and museums to universities and public libraries, science enthusiasts all over the world will be saluting Charles Darwin on the 200th anniversary of his birth. For just a glimpse of some of the activities and resources available, enjoy the following:

Darwin200 is a national program of events in the United Kingdom celebrating Charles Darwin’s scientific ideas and their impact around his two hundredth birthday on 12 February 2009.

Darwin Day Celebration describes the global celebration of science and reason held on or around February 12, 2009.

Evolution Weekend 2009, sponsored by the Clergy Letter Project, provides information on discussion groups and seminars providing opportunities to demonstrate that religion and science are not adversaries.

Charles Darwin Online provides the complete works of Charles Darwin, including publications, private papers, illustrations, and biographies.

The Darwin Exhibition produced by the American Museum of Natural History provides a wonderful story about Darwin and how he formed his ideas.

Darwin at 200: a family celebration a look at the very human side of Darwin written by his great, great grandchild, Ruth Padel.

Darwin's mockingbirds knock finches off perch is a delightful video about Darwin and his thoughts on the birds he encountered in the Galapagos.

Send Charles Darwin a Birthday Wish! To celebrate, you are invited to pass on your own birthday wishes and special message to Charles Darwin, you can even upload an image if you want to or view messages from other people.

2009 Darwin Sesquicentennial Celebration Program is a year-long celebration of the bicentennial of Darwin's birth and the sesquicentennial of the "On the Origin of Species".

Darwin Day 2009 is an event where The American Society of Human Genetics will be celebrating the birth of Charles Darwin.

The following organizations contributed content to this theme:

American Institute of Biological SciencesScience ComedianDarwin Day Celebration The Clergy Letter Project

Flat Stanley ProjectNational Center for Science EducationNESCent: National Evolutionary Synthesis CenterThe Northwest School
RAFTUniversity of California Museum of PaleontologyThe Sloan Career Cornerstone CenterUnderstanding Evolution
Scientific American American Society of Human Genetics

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