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Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish


Allen, Basti, Bud, and Tara need your help in giving the Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish a species name. This new name will become the official scientific name and will appear in the several scientific publications.

Here is how you can participate (check back soon as we will be updating information throughout the month of May):

1. Become familiar with the Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish (BBJ); what it looks like, how it behaves, etc.- We will soon have pictures, videos, and information about the animal.

2. Learn the Do's and Don'ts of species naming and more about the science process.

Here is a start:
Species names come in two parts, /Genusname speciesname/. The /genusname/ is capitalized, whereas the /speciesname/ is not. When written, both are italicized. We know, based on BBBJ's features that it belongs to the genus /Tamoya. /But now it needs a species name. But it can't be just anything...here are some rules:

  • Names have to be in Latin letters (not Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, etc.).
  • No accents, apostrophes, or hyphens, etc. are allowed.
  • The species name begins with a lowercase letter.
  • The name has to be more than one letter long.
  • The name can be a word, name, in any language, and even just mixed up letters (but what would be the point of that?).
  • The name (/Genusname speciesname/) has to be unique.

 3. Use your observations of the animal and the species naming rules to come up with a name for BBBJ. Submit your species name and your reasons why between June 1st and June 14th .

4. Check back -June 19th to see if your name made the scientists' top 5 favorites.

5. Vote for the final name June 19th -21st.

6. Check back after June 23rd to see what name won and the actual paper the new name is published in.